Aliyev, Azerbaijan are rising! Erdoğan, Turkey are taking world by storm: We said we have ‘big claims’; now it’s time to take ‘big steps.’ – Yeni Safak

‘Leader like Erdoğan’, ‘country like Turkey’ is the world’s new reality.

İbrahim Karagül

The result Azerbaijan has achieved in Karabakh is an absolute victory. Occupied lands have been liberated; Azerbaijan’s control has been ensured through Karabakh; and Armenia surrendered, saving itself from destruction. This victory cannot be overshadowed through the Russian peace force.

More importantly, Azerbaijan has come forth as the top dog, the new power of the Caucasus. It has overcome the psychology of “defense”, discovered its self-esteem as a nation and army, learned how to translate its economic power to political and military power, and activated a regional geopolitical tremor.

Alivey is the new powerful leader profile. He’s going to materialize a radical transformation within

As a “powerful leader profile,” President Ilham Aliyev has come to the fore as an actor not only in his own country but also in the region and the world, and discovering and activating Azerbaijan’s and the nation’s strength, he has determined a path that will make a permanent impact.

From now on, Aliyev will take extremely critical steps that will further strengthen Azerbaijan, and we will bear witness to them. Under Aliyev’s administration, Azerbaijan will no longer be a state that is known for Karabakh alone, or a country that appears to be Russia’s and Iran’s backyard, or a country that is limited to its fight with Armenia.

It is going to build a new system through its own local, national strength – and it should. This is what will put Azerbaijan and Aliyev in that power picture. Through great struggles, Aliyev may achieve in Azerbaijan what President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accomplished in Turkey.

Azerbaijan is a regional, Turkey is a global power

Following this transformation, Turkey became the region’s great power and activated a global mind. Aliyev may similarly lay the foundations of Azerbaijan’s rising era whose founding process was completed with this systematic transformation.

From now on, Azerbaijan is going to come to the fore as a power of the Southern Caucasus and the Turkic world. By activating its energy geopolitics, it is going to become a globally-reputable country with effective deterrent influence. While Turkey becomes a global power, Azerbaijan is going to turn into a regional power. It seems Iran will be more perturbed by this than Russia.

The Karabakh victory may be defined as Azerbaijan’s and Aliyev’s rising period. Armenia’s days of flexing its muscles and showing Azerbaijan its force have become history – forever. Armenia no longer has any chance of drawing support from the U.S. or Europe, because this war has driven both of them outside the Caucasus. The most tragic example of this has manifested through France and President Emmanuel Macron.

Their terror, siege maps eliminated; this is Turkey’s map!

The victory in the Caucasus is Turkey’s victory as well. It is Turkey’s mobilization of its geopolitical mind, centuries-old tradition and political legacy. The security operations in the East Mediterranean, in Syria, and Iraq are products of this mentality.

The is the mentality that eliminated the terror map spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, and implemented its own security map. This is the mind that finished France in Libya, that ended the European alliance in the Aegean.

The July 15 coup attempt was an attack aimed at destroying Turkey, banishing it from history and taking it hostage once again. This was immediately followed by the launch of plans to siege and surround it from the south and the west. In fact, Armenia’s attack on Azerbaijan was part of the plan to siege and surround Turkey from the east.

Embargo closing the path to the Turkic world shattered

Turkey made all incursions necessary to keep its southern gate open. There are still areas there waiting to be completed; their time will come too. It is displaying incredible resistance against the Western alliance’s incursions aimed at the maritime siege from the Mediterranean and the south and west in the Aegean.

The leaders of this siege, primarily France, are being pacified one by one. The Libya incursion was the “coup de grace” of this fight. The Western alliance will soon grasp how and why this siege cannot be implemented.

Turkey’s Caucasus incursion in collaboration with Azerbaijan and the Karabakh victory shattered the great embargo, which had been preventing Turkey from reaching the Turkic world. Those that have been provoking Armenia made a crucial miscalculation.

The Turkey-Azerbaijan partnership will further strengthen

They could not think that Turkey and Azerbaijan would take action with such determination. In this sense, the Western mind is “growing old.” Yet, Turkey is making leaps and bounds in its thinking, and is putting on an amazing charade. Karabakh is the new victory of this state of mind. Anything else could not have been possible.

The West and the world are struggling to perceive Turkey’s new rising objectives. They are rummaging through old books to find a way. Yet, we have woken up to a new world, and Turkey is this world’s superpower.

The solidarity between Turkey and Azerbaijan is going to take on a completely new form from now on. A strong, persevering, and resistant local “super partnership” is going to be built. This is going to lend great strength to Azerbaijan.

‘Leader like Erdoğan’, ‘country like Turkey’ is the world’s new reality.

President Erdoğan pointed “Middle Zone” countries to a path reaching the Muslim geography, the Turkic world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. He showed them the method to regaining presence. He conveyed to them the incredible spirit of resistance against the presence of colonialism, which has been ongoing in this zone for centuries. He is leading the way to re-shaping history and the region.

The “Leader like Erdoğan” model and the “Country like Turkey” model is going to pave the way to deep changes in this entire “Middle Zone.” This change coincided with the collapse of the unilateral world order the West has been continuing for centuries, and the global power shifts.

We said ‘big claims,’ now it’s time to take ‘big steps.’

We had said, “It is time to make big claims, talk the talk”; now we are saying, “It is time to take big steps.” All countries that are not under strict tutelage, from the depths of Africa to Eastern Asia, will draw inspiration from Turkey’s rise.

Turkey and Erdoğan are taking the world by storm; this is the most dynamic and shattering new global reality. We are going to witness more of this through these “big steps.”

Source: Aliyev, Azerbaijan are rising! Erdoğan, Turkey are taking world by storm: We said we have ‘big claims’; now it’s time to take ‘big steps.’ – İBRAHIM KARAGÜL