Turkey blasts ‘unauthorised’ German search on Libya-bound ship – Daily Mail

Turkey accused the German navy on Monday of conducting an “unauthorised” search on a Turkish-flagged cargo vessel in a bid to enforce a United Nations arms embargo on Libya. But the European Union’s Operation Irini — tasked with halting arms shipments to the strife-torn north African country — said it had made a “good faith” …

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Ankara sanctions loom ahead of EU summit – Arab News

Brussels is unlikely to step back from its threat to impose curbs following Turkey’s insistence on carrying out drilling in disputed zones During a visit earlier this week condemned as “provocative and illegal” by the Cypriot government, Erdogan called for a “two-state” solution in Cyprus ANKARA: Turkey is facing a renewed threat of EU sanctions over …

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How key is Turkey? – New Europe

The customs union has been key to Turkey’s economic successes and the country’s modernization. The EU is Turkey’s largest import and export partner. However, the country has been facing a severe currency crisis, soaring inflation and interest rates in recent time. With the severe plummeting of the Turkish lira in its value, so has Erdogan’s approval rating. As Turkey seeks to further antagonize Europe, the EU can use its leverage and cancel the customs union.

Turkey remains a key player in the Middle East, but it is not key to Europe’s economic growth. The EU can no longer tolerate Turkey’s blackmail, terror facilitation and insulting rhetoric. Therefore, the EU should support the French and Greek calls to suspend the EU’s customs union with Turkey and show it means business – or rather – no business until Turkey changes its belligerent tone and aggressive behavior.

Merkel: A decision will be made at EU summit about Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean activities – Bianet

European Union (EU) leaders will discuss the future of the bloc’s relations with Turkey at their summit next month, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday (November 19). Speaking at a press conference following a video conference of EU leaders, Merkel said the meeting was largely focused on the coronavirus pandemic and disagreements over the EU …

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Turkey’s behaviour “widening its separation” from EU, Borrell says – Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Turkey’s rhetoric on Cyprus is aggravating tensions with the European Union and Ankara must understand that its behaviour is “widening its separation” from the 27-nation bloc, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Thursday. “We consider the recent actions and statements by Turkey related to Cyprus contrary to the United Nations …

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EU-Turkey relations at historical low point – European Parliament report – Ahval

“No incentive that the EU could offer can ever replace the much-needed political will to build a mature democracy,” it said, adding that the situation in Turkey had “far from improving, deteriorated even further.” The EP “firmly” insisted on the formal suspension of negotiations as suggested in last year’s report, so both sides could assess whether the current framework was functioning, or “explore possible new models for future relations”.

The EP “regrets the current lack of understanding between the EU and Turkey,” the report said, “but reaffirms its firm conviction that Turkey is a strategic neighbour and ally with which the EU wishes to have the best possible relations”.

Screws tighten on Gray Wolves, Erdogan’s European guard – Al Monitor

Indeed, there is no organization officially registered as the Gray Wolves, which has led many to play down the French ban as posturing. This, however, does not preclude judicial action against the Gray Wolves, based on symbols and signs. Darmanin conceded that the Gray Wolves were not a formal association but insisted they formed groups that meet regularly, are connected to each other and act as an organized body.

In Turkey, the Gray Wolves are organized as the youth branches of the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), called the Idealist Hearths. The MHP has been a staunch political ally of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) in recent years. Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981, is perhaps the most notorious of the Gray Wolves internationally. The movement has various avatars in Europe, such as the umbrella group called the Federation of Democratic Idealist Turkish Associations in France. Its members are active mostly in Lyon, Dijon, Strasbourg and Grenoble. 

EU chief Michel calls for creation of European body to train imams – France 24

Vienna (AFP) European Council president Charles Michel said Monday he supported creating a European institute to train imams, as he visited Austria to pay tribute to the victims of last week’s jihadist attack in Vienna. “It is very important to be firm on this. I think, for example, that we should have a debate at …

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The West Can’t Trust a Turkey Ruled by Erdogan –

The recent row with France further established Turkey’s role as an ideological instigator of tension between Islamist elements and the West, and its capability of appealing to Islamists globally. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rallies Islamists by promoting the notion that Europe is at war with Islam and says that his government “is determined to protect …

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Greece Urges Germany to Halt Military Exports to Turkey –

After the invasion of Turkish troops into Syria in October of 2019, Germany’s federal government had imposed a partial arms export ban on Turkey. However, this only applies to weapons which could be used in the Syrian war.

According to the document, the weapons delivered last year were exclusively for “maritime” purposes.

Die Welt noted that although Berlin is publicly critical of Turkey’s actions in regional conflicts including Syria and Libya, it continues to export large quantities of arms to Ankara.

German lawmakers urge ban on extreme-right Turkish Gray Wolves – Deutsche Welle

Özdemir — a former co-leader of the Greens — said the Gray Wolves were responsible for hundreds of murders in Turkey but did not limit their activities to that country.

“They also threaten members of the Turkish opposition and minorities in Germany,” Özdemir told German newspaper Die Welt. Surely it cannot be that Turkish right-wing extremists in the middle of Berlin, Dortmund or Hamburg intimidate, beat up or threaten the lives of peaceful citizens. The German state must protect these people.”

Europe’s cowardly response to terror – The Spectator

Europe’s intelligentsia must bear the brunt of the blame for the fact that the continent has been in the grip of a guerrilla campaign for nearly two decades. The judiciary is particularly culpable. The Vienna Islamist reportedly duped Austrian authorities into believing he had been successfully deradicalised, just as one of the killers of the Normandy priest in 2016 had made a mockery of a French court months before his attack. The mastermind of the Barcelona attack in 2017 that killed 13 people, reportedly used the Human Rights Act to avoid deportation.