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Aliyev, Azerbaijan are rising! Erdoğan, Turkey are taking world by storm: We said we have ‘big claims’; now it’s time to take ‘big steps.’ – Yeni Safak

The victory in the Caucasus is Turkey’s victory as well. It is Turkey’s mobilization of its geopolitical mind, centuries-old tradition and political legacy. The security operations in the East Mediterranean, in Syria, and Iraq are products of this mentality.

The is the mentality that eliminated the terror map spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, and implemented its own security map. This is the mind that finished France in Libya, that ended the European alliance in the Aegean.

Are you going to request a colonial governor from the US? Will you call US troops to Istanbul’s streets? – Yeni Safak

If you could, you would fetter Turkey to the U.S. You offer it up as hostage to the U.S. You would request U.S. colony governors for Anatolian territory. You would call the American army to Istanbul’s streets. You would want U.S. aircraft to hover in Turkish skies. If you could, you would have the U.S. …

Are you going to request a colonial governor from the US? Will you call US troops to Istanbul’s streets? – Yeni Safak Read More »

What is/isn’t America? America is not real, for one! It’s a simulation! – Yeni Safak

Elections have been held in the U.S., but the correct outcome is yet to be revealed – or perhaps, it never will be!

As this is what the typical U.S. structure necessitates, or rather, in the Kantian sense, as this is whar the U.S. texture “orders”, the “desired result” of the elections rather than the real one will be obtained and presented! This is no joke but the reality!

This is the case because the U.S. is not real!

The U.S. is a joke – a laughing stock!

More precisely, in the U.S., reality is a joke, and the joke is the reality!

The EU Must Reprimand – Not Enable – Bulgaria and Greece for Anti-Macedonian Racism – Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International condemns Bulgaria, Greece, and the European Union member-states and media outlets that have chosen to aid these countries in their quest to annihilate the existence of Macedonians’ ethnic identity and basic human rights.

We call on governments, opposition parties, human rights organizations and media outlets truly interested in defending human rights to condemn the EU-enabled pressure tactics imposed on Macedonia and to demand that Bulgaria and Greece be reprimanded for their clear violations of Macedonians’ rights.

Turkey questions France’s dissolution of ‘nonexistent’ group – Daily Sabah

The announcement by the French government regarding the suspension of the “Bozkurtlar” (“Gray Wolves”) group shows Paris’ inconsistent stance, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. “It is well-known that there is no such movement called the ‘Gray Wolves,’ which was declared as abolished by the French Government today. This is the latest manifestation of the …

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Behind the United Nations registration of Turkish-Libyan Agreement – The Libya Observer

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres ratified at the end of last month (September), the memorandum of understanding signed nine months ago (last November), between Turkey and Libya, regarding delineating the areas of maritime jurisdiction of the two countries in the eastern Mediterranean, in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Charter. …

Behind the United Nations registration of Turkish-Libyan Agreement – The Libya Observer Read More »

Is Turkey remodeling Pakistan’s soft power? – The Nation

Erdogan’s Turkification process, and expansionist ideas may just be the key, to the beginning of the secularization of Pakistani society. Turkey, though a country which prides itself of its Islamic history and culture, is still secular; a 1928 amendment of the constitution, separated the religion of Islam from the Turkish state. The Turkish constitution also recognises freedom of religion, ultimately displaying itself as a state which values tolerance and pluralism. Turkey has suffered less from religious sectarian conflict, and welcomes tourists from all over the world to enjoy its paramount beauty and rich culture of the Ottoman Empire.

RSF and 10 other organisations warn European Union on Turkey – Reporters without borders (RSF)

The mission also met with representatives of 17 diplomatic missions in Turkey – a sign of the global concern over press freedom and the rule of law in Turkey – as well as the Delegation of the European Union. Mission members welcome the recent, unvarnished findings of the EU’s progress report on Turkey, which highlights a “serious backsliding” on freedom of expression. But the international community must step up its bilateral and multilateral efforts to bring Turkey back into the club of countries that respects the rule of law. Human rights issues, including press freedom, must not be held hostage to geopolitical developments.

Turkey is ranked 154th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

Greece deploys sound cannons to shock and block migrants – TRT World

… TRT World spoke to at least 20 to 30 people ––mainly men, some women and children –– who were intercepted by Greece security officials while trying to cross into Kastanies, Greece. The names of the asylum seekers who spoke to TRT World have been withheld at their request.

Children among them were also sent back in the freezing temperatures, TRT World reporters witnessed.

The migrant flow does not only occur from the border, for the Aegean Sea offers the main route for reaching Europe.

However, Greek coast guards are known for their ruthless behaviour towards refugees. They have historically tried to sink boats trying to enter the Greek islands.

Turkey’s Social Media Army on the March – Middle East Forum

In June, more than 7,000 Twitter accounts were linked to Turkey’s ruling party. Since then, the army of social-media accounts that cheer Turkey’s invasions and threats against Israel, the UAE, Greece, Armenia and other countries appears to have grown again. Evidence for the number of these accounts shows the systematic harassment of reporters who follow Turkey, dissidents from Turkey and anyone who is critical of the president of Turkey or the recent involvement of Ankara in the war against Armenia.

The accounts have certain commonalities. Most include images from Turkey’s history, including sultans such as Abdul Hamid II or sometimes symbols linked to far-right groups in Turkey such as the Grey Wolves. The accounts almost always include Turkish flags as symbols, similar to right-wing pro-Trump Twitter users who use the American flag in their tweets and profiles on social media.

The new face of anti-Turkey rhetoric – Daily Sabah

Whenever Ankara makes a new foreign policy move, the Western media comes up with new labels, which are not necessarily compatible with others: The new sultan. Caliph. Dictator. The minds behind the ideologically charged fight against Turkey cannot seem to make up their minds. Is Erdoğan an Islamist leader of the Muslim Brotherhood? Is he a neo-Ottomanist? A pan-Turkist or a Eurasianist? Or, perhaps, a leader who embraced nationalism to make up for his declining popularity? A neo-Kemalist?

Obviously, the Turkish president is none of these things. He is a strong, experienced and talented leader who strives to safeguard Turkey’s national interests.

Turkey’s Maritime Strategy Ambitions: The Blue Homeland Doctrine (Mavi Vatan) – IIMSR

At the beginning of March 2019, the Turkish navy performed the largest combat exercise since its establishment. The training which was called “The Blue Homeland”, practiced and validated the Turkish doctrine from 2006 and gave a formal “stamp” to its military capabilities, including surface and underwater warfare, land-attack capabilities and landing capabilities.

Turkish naval ambitions came into reality 13 years after they were announced.

In a Turkish navy ceremony held in September 2019, Erdogan and commander of the navy were photographed against the background of the “Blue Homeland” picture and thereby expressed the political validity of the plan.