Official Lies

Greece violated Turkey’s airspace, waters nearly 50 times in October, Defense Ministry says – Daily Sabah

The ministry also noted that legally demilitarized Greek islands in the Aegean Sea were visited by Greece’s military vessels 192 times.

“The declaration of a (military) training ground that includes the demilitarized island of Samothrace in the Northern Aegean in violation of international agreements and violation of (Turkish) territorial waters by the training ground boundary is a clear indication of Greece’s provocative attempts to escalate the tension,” the statement added.

Bahçeli: Turkey has no state crisis, it has an opposition crisis – Bianet

MHP Chair also addressed the Presidential elections in the US. “We are neither the clappers of Biden, nor a fan of Trump,” Bahçeli said and referred to the Democrats and Republicans respectively as follows:

“We neither hold the elephant from its trunk, nor do we wait in line to get on the donkey. But, everyone had better know that we are waiting in a sure-footed, cautious, prepared and suspicious manner.

Waqf properties make up all land in Varosha, cannot be returned, former Turkish Cypriot official says – Daily Sabah

The ghost town of Varosha, known by the island’s Turkish community as Maraş, has historically held a key status in nearly all diplomatic efforts directed at a lasting resolution on the Cyprus question. Long viewed as a bargaining chip in fruitless peace negotiations, Varosha is expected to be on the forefront in a new possible …

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Islam is Under Attack: Erdogan’s New-Old Lie – The Levant

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, always strives to transfer his internal crises by distracting Turkish public opinion with fabricated issues abroad.Erdogan has become an expert in this field, especially, when the matter is religious and linked to Islam and Muslims. The reason is that religious matters are easy to be utilised and employed in serving …

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Hypocritical Outrage at Cartoons That Offend Muslims | Frontpagemag

Uighurs and other Muslims in China have been subjected to prolonged detention, surveillance, political indoctrination, systematic torture, and forced labor. French President Macron is one of several Western leaders who have raised concerns about the Chinese regime’s abuses against China’s Muslim Uighur minority. Macron did so during a meeting he held last summer with China’s State Councillor and Foreign Minister. But the Muslim world has been largely silent regarding such real abuses against people of their own faith. Instead, they have gone after Macron for hurting their feelings. Turkey’s Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who fancies himself as a major leader of the Muslim world, said Macron was being intolerant and needs “mental checks.”

Turkish parliament speaker rejects draft bill to declare 1955 Istanbul pogrom a day of mourning – Duvar

Turkish parliament speaker rejects draft bill to declare 1955 Istanbul pogrom a day of mourning Turkish Parliament Speaker’s Office has rejected to hear a draft bill seeking to have the Istanbul pogrom, anti-Greek riots of Sept. 6 and 7 in 1955, recognized as a national day of mourning. Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop said that he …

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Erdogan’s Assault on Macron Is the Height of Cynicism – Bloomberg

In his mind, Erdogan wants Turkey to replace Saudi Arabia and Egypt as the guardian power of Sunni Islam, as the Ottoman Empire once was. And he wants to project power in all directions, toward Moscow as to the West. This is why he’s meddling in conflicts around the region, from Syria to Libya and the eastern Mediterranean, and now also in the battles between (ethnically Turkic) Azerbaijanis and Armenians. In several of these conflicts he faces France on the opposing side.

Nominally, Turkey is a member of NATO and still officially interested in applying to join the EU. In reality, Erdogan needs to portray Europe as the enemy. Because he’s weak at home, he’ll seize on any propaganda opportunity he gets. The danger is that in the process he might unleash passions and hatreds far beyond his, or anybody’s, control, potentially causing more violence, suffering and perhaps war. Europeans and Turks of any faith should see through Erdogan’s vanity and cynicism — and tactically ignore him.

RSF and 10 other organisations warn European Union on Turkey – Reporters without borders (RSF)

The mission also met with representatives of 17 diplomatic missions in Turkey – a sign of the global concern over press freedom and the rule of law in Turkey – as well as the Delegation of the European Union. Mission members welcome the recent, unvarnished findings of the EU’s progress report on Turkey, which highlights a “serious backsliding” on freedom of expression. But the international community must step up its bilateral and multilateral efforts to bring Turkey back into the club of countries that respects the rule of law. Human rights issues, including press freedom, must not be held hostage to geopolitical developments.

Turkey is ranked 154th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

Turkey’s Constitutional Court is not that supreme anymore – Yetkin Report

The Constitutional Court was established with the 1961 Constitution that followed the coup on May 27, 1960. Its purpose was to detect whether the laws passed by Parliament and the decisions by the courts were compatible with the Constitution…

…Turkey had the Constitutional Court for this purpose. It was the highest court in Turkey and it aimed to ensure the functioning of the constitutional order. What do you think its future will be?

Turkey’s Maritime Strategy Ambitions: The Blue Homeland Doctrine (Mavi Vatan) – IIMSR

At the beginning of March 2019, the Turkish navy performed the largest combat exercise since its establishment. The training which was called “The Blue Homeland”, practiced and validated the Turkish doctrine from 2006 and gave a formal “stamp” to its military capabilities, including surface and underwater warfare, land-attack capabilities and landing capabilities.

Turkish naval ambitions came into reality 13 years after they were announced.

In a Turkish navy ceremony held in September 2019, Erdogan and commander of the navy were photographed against the background of the “Blue Homeland” picture and thereby expressed the political validity of the plan.

How two 16th-century pirates inspired Erdogan’s foreign policy – The National

Most historians view the brothers as pirates and slave traders, yet Turkish schoolchildren are taught the brave exploits of Oruc Reis (Turkish for “chief”) and Barbarossa Hayrettin (“best of the faith”). Now, Mr Erdogan uses seismic research vessels named after them to signal his country’s desire to defend its maritime rights and challenge regional powers.

Devised by retired naval officer Cem Gürdeniz, it views the eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea – to be Turkey’s Blue Homeland. It first made headlines a year ago when Mr Erdogan gave a speech in front of a map laying out Turkish control over more than 460,000 square kilometres in those three seas.

Two weeks ago, the Turkish presidency marked the anniversary of that 1538 victory over Christian powers with a video re-enactment of Hayrettin battling Crusaders. “The blood of my ancestors flows through my veins,” the President’s communications head, Fahrettin Altun, said in a tweet releasing the video. “We die and take lives for the blue homeland.”

Turkey Plans to Release Data on Asymptomatic Cases From Thursday – Bloomberg

Turkey will start releasing the number of its asymptomatic coronavirus cases from Oct. 15, according to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. “Hereafter, we will share cross-sectional screenings even if there is no symptom,” Koca was quoted as saying in an interview with daily newspaper Hurriyet on Sunday. “We will report these to the World Health Organization.” …

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