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John Bolton is one of the most famous “hawks” in American foreign policy, but also a man who lived very close to Donald Trump as president, until his ouster.

In an interview with “K” he states that “Trump admires many authoritarian leaders and watches them with envy, as he would like to do the same in the US, but for the time being he does not have that possibility”.

John Bolton also refers to the upcoming US presidential election and the stance that the new US president will take in the event of a Greek-Turkish crisis.

John Bolton in “K”: The de-escalation with Biden is closer. Trump’s former national security adviser speaks to Alexis Papachelas.

Read the whole interview in Greek.

John Bolton in “K”: Why Trump admires Erdogan

Source: Συνέντευξη Τζον Μπόλτον στην «Κ» | Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ