Fake news that we back up Turkey – Russian embassy in Athens

The embassy of the Russian Federation in Athens issued an announcement, proceeding to clarifications regarding yesterday’s NAVTEX for a Russian exercise with real fire in the Eastern Mediterranean, published by Turkey.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing a further escalation of hysteria over Russian Navy exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean,” the embassy said in a statement.

Allegations of a lack of understanding of basic NAVTEX issuance procedures for naval exercises in international waters continue.

In case of naval exercises, the World Navigation Warning Service (WWNWS) is notified. This is what Russia did for the upcoming exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean. Speculations to the contrary are unacceptable and expose their cunning producers.

The attempt of some media to silence the complaint from the Russian side of yesterday’s fake news about the so-called Russian backup of Turkey also causes an unpleasant impression. We call on those Greek media outlets that have spread the slanderous “information” to publish immediately and in accordance with ethical rules the publication of the necessary refutation in such cases”.

Source: Russian embassy in Athens: Fake news that we back up Turkey – Orthodox Times