Armenian Genocide

Turkey’s Erdogan Is Fueling Aggression Against Armenia – The National Interest

Turkey’s behavior should not come as a shock to observers of the region. Ankara’s support for jihadists dates back to at least 2013, when the Turkish National Intelligence Agency established the jihadi highway from Urfa (in Turkey’s southeast) to Raqqa—then under the control of ISIS. More than 40,000 foreign fighters from about 100 countries transited through Turkey to Syria. Turkey provided weapons, money, and logistical support, as well as medical services to wounded fighters.

Turkey made little attempt to hide this support for jihadists. At Harvard University in October 2014, Vice President Joe Biden indicated: “President Erdogan told me…we let too many people through.’ Now, they’re trying to seal their border.”

The German masquerade of “engaging Turkey” – Ahval

Germany’s basic assumptions regarding the causes of the present face-off are simply false. Although no one denies the existence of deep disagreements between Turkey and Greece, there is a tendency to situate both countries on the same footing as though they have started the present standoff together. So, once again the Turkey appeaser of Europe, …

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The Case of Senator Menendez and the Nature of Genocide Resolutions

the murky political career of Sen. Menendez and his alleged dealings, as well as his close ties with the Armenian and Greek lobbies, which allocate significant resources to their obsessive lobbying activities against Turkey, should provide an answer for those who seek to propagate that parliamentary resolutions on “Armenian genocide” in the U.S. and elsewhere are the confirmations of historical truth by impartial people for their moral and humanitarian concerns.