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Greek Orthodox Priest Wounded in Lyon, France, Shooting, Reports Say – New York Times

The assailant walked up to the priest around 4 p.m. as he was closing his church and fired at him with a sawed-off shotgun, seriously wounding him before fleeing the scene, according to the reports.

The exact circumstances of the shooting and the motivations of the assailant were not immediately clear. The shooting comes at a time of heightened tensions in France, which is still on edge after the killing of three churchgoers in the southern city of Nice on Thursday.

Erdogan Now Aims his Guns at Europe – Greek Reporter Europe

The Islamist terrorist acts in France indicate that Erdogan’s plan to appear as the leader and self-appointed protector of all Muslims, including those living in liberal western democracies, is gaining ground. The instrumentalization of the Muslims of Europe, using them as a weapon against the European countries in which they live and work, is part of the Turkish president’s plan to destabilize Europe in order to achieve his expansionist aims.

Before he appealed to the sentiments of the 70 million Muslims living in Europe, Erdogan had also used the migration card which he has long held up his sleeve. He has openly threatened Europe with unleashing the millions of refugees and migrants in his country and allowing them to enter the Continent, unless he got what he wanted from the EU.

Now, it appears, Islamist terrorists already living in Europe are the weapon of the day.