Naguib Sawiris says Turkey’s Erdogan wants to be ‘new Ottoman emperor’ – CNBC

In strongly worded criticism, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris this week said Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is making a “very big mess” in the Middle East by interfering around the region. A Turkish official said, “President Erdoğan leads our Nation accordingly and claims to the contrary are baseless.” Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris leveled strongly worded …

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Turkey is Seeking Global Power at America’s Expense – The National Interest

Turkey’s increased funding of UNRWA represents yet another example of Ankara’s grandiose dreams to become a global power at the expense of the United States. Indeed, Erdogan often repeats the phrase “the world is bigger than five,” meaning the five permanent members of the Security Council—the United States, UK, France, China and Russia, the latter which Ankara has cozied to. Earlier this year, in a speech pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, Erdogan declared that the West’s prosperity “based on the blood, tears, pain and exploitation of the rest of the world” is now coming to an end.

At the end of the day, Ankara’s funding of UNRWA, once again shows its true colors, its desperate need to show itself as a leader of the Muslim world, even if that means contributing to exactly what ails the Middle East, namely, corruption, bad governance and lack of accountability.

Anwar Gargash : “Turkey seeks to be the standard bearer for Islamists and extremists” – Το Vima Online

Turkey is today under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and it has become an aggressive state which seeks to the a standard bearer of Islamists and extremists in the wider region of Middle East and North Africa say, in his exclusive interview in “To Vima”, Dr. Anwar Gargash. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who is widely considered the “architect” of the recently signed peace agreement with Israel (although the mastermind of UAE’s strategy is its leader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed) believes that the politicization of religion constitutes a grave threat. He also clarifies that the prospects for bilateral cooperation with Greece in economy and trade but also in security are huge and they are developing rapidly.

For these Israelis, lockdown meant a one-way ticket to Greece –

Greece is a large country and it accommodates the regular vacation habits of many Israelis. There are those who swear by the name of an island that only they know about, or of a hotel owner who is willing to rent only to them. But coronavirus tourism has changed that, too. Now, anything goes. People who usually gravitate to the same remote beach every summer have found themselves wandering from south to north, and back south, either because they have more time on their hands or because they can’t find accommodations due to the pandemic or because it’s off-season. Delaying the inevitable, extending their tickets, ignoring the teachers who are pleading for their children to present themselves on Zoom.

Will Natural Gas Isolate Turkey And Integrate Israel In The Eastern Mediterranean? – Forbes

Ruled since 2003 by an Islamist President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey however has taken an uncooperative approach to potentially collective Mediterranean resource development. As his presidency has continued, Erdogan has increased his confrontational tone and policies against both Israel and the west generally. Turkey also was not included in the agreement to build the EastMed pipeline signed by Greece, Cyprus, and Israel at the beginning of 2020. Instead, Turkey has focused its energies more on disrupting other nations’ development of these resources than attempting to develop its own.

Turkey Fuels Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Drones, Mercenaries and Dreams of Imperial Resurgence – Just Security

Turkey’s wide-ranging political and military support for the Azeri attack reflects President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s bellicose approach to solving problems in the region. In recent years, Turkey invaded Syria, ostensibly to fight against anti-Turkish Kurdish militias there; has conducted frequent bombing strikes against Kurds in Northern Iraq; has actively supported one side in the Libyan civil war; and is on the verge of war with Greece and Cyprus over oil- and gas-drilling prospects in the Mediterranean and over islands in the Aegean.

Erdoğan has expressed anger at Greek sovereignty over the Aegean islands that were once governed from Istanbul; at Bashar al-Assad’s disastrous control of Syria; at Egypt’s struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood; and at Israel’s illegal occupation of Jerusalem. This, he claimed numerous times, stems from the downward spiral that the region has experienced since the great days of the Ottoman Empire. Despite runaway inflation, a rapidly tanking economy, and Erdoğan’s growing authoritarianism, this kind of talk has garnered mass support for him and his government among the more conservative and even secular nationalist groups in Turkey.

Turkey is the next Iran – Jewish News Syndicate

Erdoğan isn’t even trying to hide the threat to European society and politics in two sensitive areas: enclaves of Turks and refugees. He is blatantly encouraging a process of radicalization among the million Turks who have emigrated to Europe since the 1970s, mainly to Germany. That radicalization demands that they remain loyal to Turkey and their Islamic culture, at the expense of their citizenship and process of integrating into their new home countries.

‘Jerusalem is ours’: Behind Erdogan’s remarkable claim –

To Turkey’s leader, what’s good for Hagia Sophia, Istanbul’s church-turned-mosque, is apparently appropriate for Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre as well Recep Tayyip Erdogan has news for Jerusalemites: “Jerusalem is ours. One of our cities,” the Turkish president declared last Thursday at the opening of the legislative session of the Turkish parliament in Ankara. …

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How Erdogan’s Turkey has failed the Palestinians –

Almost a month ago, when news first broke of an imminent deal between the UAE and Israel, it took no time at all for Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to lash out at the Emirates: “I have given the necessary instructions to my foreign minister. We may either suspend diplomatic ties or recall our ambassador, …

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Erdogan breaks with Trump over Israel deals and Iran – Washington Examiner

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of abusing the Palestinian people and lashed President Trump and Persian Gulf nations as “collaborators” during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday. “The Palestinian people have stood up against Israel’s policies of oppression, violence, and intimidation for more than half a century,” Erdogan said, condemning …

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Turkey-Greece Tensions Test EU Solidarity – Bloomberg

The tensions between Greece and Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean should be a straightforward matter for the European Union. A member state, Greece, faces territorial claims from a neighboring nation, Turkey. Instead of rallying behind Greece, however, several EU countries are taking an ambivalent approach, as they are fearful of the political and economic repercussions of …

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Erdoğan’s Schoolboy Response to the Israel-UAE Deal – BESA Center

Turkey is protesting the UAE for establishing diplomatic relations with Israel—even though Ankara has had diplomatic relations with Israel for the past 71 years. If the UAE, as Ankara argues, has betrayed the “Palestinian cause” just by having diplomatic relations with Israel, then Turkey has been betraying the “Palestinian cause” since 1949. These days, Turkey’s …

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